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CFO Services

Similar to a corporate Chief Financial Officer (CFO), we will work with a family and its trusted advisors in analyzing the family’s current financial situation and establishing goals and objectives. We will then coordinate the efforts of the entire team of professional advisors and monitor the progress while keeping the family informed every step of the way.

As part of the process toward the attainment of the family’s goals and objectives, there often arises the need for financial analysis, modeling and the preparation of complex financial schedules. We provide families with a cost effective method to satisfy these needs without the necessity of hiring full-time staff or the need to negotiate expensive time and billing rates with advisors who may not have the time, capacity or interest in these projects. We have an experienced team available to handle and analyze complicated financial transactions at a fraction of the cost needed to establish and maintain a dedicated single family office or to contract for these services on a per hour basis. Therefore, clients receive economies of scale and cost efficiencies without the need to sacrifice personal service and attention to detail.

Following is a list of some of the outsourced CFO services that we can provide:

  • Analyze the financial aspects of real estate acquisitions and dispositions
  • Summarize the financial implications of buying or selling an investment or family business
  • Assist with the process of establishing a business line of credit, mortgage or other forms of financing
  • Recommend the most advantageous entity structure for asset acquisitions and family businesses
  • Act as the outsourced CFO for a family business
  • Recommend new or revised entity structures designed to provide a family with maximum asset protection and to facilitate the transfer of wealth to future generations
  • Review documents such as contracts, promissory notes, trust agreements, partnership agreements and corporate bylaws and work closely with the client’s attorneys regarding any modifications or suggestions
  • Coordinate and review cost segregation studies to insure real estate entities are maximizing their depreciation deductions
  • Review conservation easement documents and advise clients during the process
  • Analyze the different alternatives available for air travel
  • Interface with outside advisors and managers on the family’s behalf
  • Facilitate and coordinate the preparation of annual entity minutes
  • Calculate a charitable remainder unitrust’s quarterly distributions
  • Calculate and facilitate interest and principal payments for intercompany and interfamily loans
  • Prepare mortgage and lease summaries for rental properties
  • Calculate a private foundation’s 5% qualifying distribution requirement
  • Determining whether it is more advantageous to buy or lease an automobile
  • Assist with identity theft protection
  • Request and review credit reports
  • Assist with class action lawsuit refund claims